Mount the pump with the shaft directed horizontally as shown in the right figure.
The drain line must be arranged above the top of the pump case before reaching the tank.
The upper drain port should be used, and the drain pipe size must be equal to or larger than the drain     port size so that the drain pressure in the casing does not exceed 0.2MPa(2kgf/)

For satisfactory service life of these pumps in    application, the operating fluid should be    continuously filtered to the minimum cleanliness    level of NAS1638 Class 9.
A 10 filter must be used in the return line and an    80~150mesh strainer, in the suction line.

Use a flexible coupling for connection of the pump
   drive shaft with an engline flywheel or an electric
   motor shaft.
Alignment should be so carried out that the parallel
   error may be held within 0.025
Do not put radial or thrust load at the shaft end.
The standard of alignment :
- Parallel misalignment <=0.025mm
-(Dial gage reading b>=0.05mm)
- Angular misalignment <=0.025deg
Before starting-up, fill the pump casing with the system fluid through the case drain connection because
   the casing must remain full of fluid to porvide internal lubrication
Please be careful so that the drain pressure in
   the casing does not exceed 0.2Mpa(2kgf/)
   normally and 0.6Mpa(6.kgf/) at its peak
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